Nurse’s Notes

The health and well being of your children is important for their academic success. Communicating with the school about medical information assists us in doing our best for your children. On this page are links to forms we use to assist us in gathering this information. Upon entering St. Michael School, students must have a complete Physical, Dental check-up and the required immunizations. A physical is also required prior to the start of Middle School. Lead testing is required by the State of Maryland for any student entering PreK, Kindergarten, and First grade depending on the zip code of their home (see form for specific details). If your child needs to receive any medications, including over the counter medications like Tylenol, a doctor’s order is required. Please have your child’s pediatrician complete the Medication Adminstration form and return it to school.

Information that is important for us to be aware of:
* any medications your child takes on a regular basis
* any chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, etc.
* any allergies, especially food allergies
* any changes in health status.

I can be reached by:
E-mail (
phone 410-668-8797
fax 410-663-9277
Thank you for allowing me to work with your children.
Amy Brast, RN

Medical Forms

Flu Precautions (including Swine Flu)
Click here for CDC website  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Physical Health Form
Maryland Immunization Certification Form
Blood-Lead Testing Certificate

Food Allergen Alert Form

Medication Administration Form
(for each medication to be given during the school day)
Diabetes Management Form for students
Diabetes Supplemental Form
Dental Health Records
Absentee Note
May be printed out, filled in and returned to your child’s homeroom teacher when your child has been absent