The Catholic education at St. Michael the Archangel in Overlea has been the best investment and sacrifice we have made for our children.  Catholic schools provide a challenging curriculum, in a safe and loving environment, that has fostered confidence and  character in our children through faith-based education.  Small class sizes and qualified, caring, and dedicated teachers have helped our children grow both cognitively and spiritually. We are assured that along with us, the teachers and clergy are partners in our children’s Catholic education, they have the foundation for future education and the rest of their lives.
–Current Parents of three students

Having been a longtime member of the parish of St. Michael’s, I have observed first hand many changes in the parish. One can say that, “It ain’t the same old St. Michael’s anymore.” As for me, I say that with a good feeling and hope for the future. St. Michael’s has indeed changed and changed for the better. The school has undergone quite a bit of improvement from what it was since my two sons attended. This is not to say that the school was inferior when they were students here. The improvements that I see are improvements to update the programs and curriculum.

Consider the religious program, when my sons were students, there was no weekly children’s mass. Now members of the student body have a student choir to sing at the mass, and members of the student body take turns doing the readings during mass. Along with taking an active part in the mass, the students are also taking turns doing the daily announcements and morning prayers for the school. This activity not only get the students directly involved in the celebration of the Eucharist, but also give them valuable experience in public speaking and performance that I don’t believe is available anywhere else.

In addition, St. Michael’s recently started taking part in the First in Math program. First in Math is a nationwide program whereby students have their own internet account and can log into the First in Math website to play math games that are relative to the level of math that they are doing in school. The games they play help reinforce the math facts they are learning in the classroom. In addition the students are completing with other students on a state and national level (at their own grade level) and are ranked on both the state and national level. At the present time, St. Michael’s was rated #2 in the State and #287 in the nation. As of today I know of no other local school public or private that is participating in the First in Math program. As I said at the beginning, “It ain’t the same old St. Michael’s anymore,” the present St. Michael’s School is a place where programs and curriculum is being reviewed and upgraded to keep up with the times and provide the most up to date educational program possible.
–Former Parent and Parishioner

“I like St. Michael’s because of the challenging academic curriculum and the children are divided into different academic levels for reading and math. I especially like that my daughter seems to love St. Michael’s and feels comfortable attending. I feel that she is in safe environment and this makes me feel at ease when I leave her at school. The students are taught good values and everyone respects and cares about each other. When I volunteer the faculty and staff acknowledge me and make me feel welcome and appreciated. I feel that my family is part of their family.”
–Parent of a 3rd grade student

“When I think of SMS I think of good teachers, nice people, and caring people.”
–8th grade Student

“I received a wonderful education from St. Michael’s. My teachers really cared about me – they were always there to help. When you attend St. Michael’s, you feel like you are part of a family. I believe that St. Michael’s laid the foundation for my educational career and was a very big part of why I am a successful student today.”
–Alumni, Class of 2007

“In my search for a good school, I stumbled upon the best school. I stumbled upon a community full of new friends and gained a new appreciation for my Catholic faith. My children are challenged academically and spiritually and I have seen first hand the caring and respectful environment they are taught in. The teachers are great! I wouldn’t want it any other way!”
–Mother of a 4th and 5th grade student